About Me

Born in Zimbabwe and raised in South Africa, my passion for photography started when I was 12 and was given my first camera.  The beauty of Africa and its wildlife really inspired me, and my quest to capture the perfect sunset continues!

I first trained as a Cordon Bleu Chef, which gave me the opportunity to work around the world and enabled me to explore new places, always with my camera in-hand.  I still have a huge appreciation for food but now my passion is to photograph it!  In 1997, after making the UK my permanent home, I worked in the travel industry until I was made redundant post 9-11.  This proved a blessing in disguise because it was the catalyst that made me pursue my creative dream and I went on to study photography, achieving top honours in my degree.

Since then, I’ve put all my energy into my own freelance photography business, which has grown from strength to strength and has really helped me grow as a person and as a photographer.  In short, I love my job and not everyone is lucky enough to say that!